rebuilt Meritor differentials

Rebuilt Meritor Differentials

rebuilt Meritor differentialAll Rebuilt Meritor differential models available for delivery or shipped World wide. Our crown wheel and pinion gear go through detailed testing and are designed, manufactured in matched sets for optimal performance and reduced wear. This means that your purchased parts will meet the Rockwell Meritor standards that the original manufacturers trusts.  If you need assistance identifying your model or have any questions contact us at 866-766-4600 or 407-872-1901.

To view our new, used and rebuilt Meritor differentials for sale visit our For Sale section. If you don’t find the model you need, contact us and we can locate it for you.

Identifying Your Meritor Differential Type

Meritor Differential Identification plate

The Identification Plate

Every differential leaving the Meritor factory is fitted with an identification plate which contains all the information needed to ensure the correct replacement parts
are obtained.

Meritor Differential Casting Number

The Casting Number

If the plate is missing or not available: Locate casting reference on main differential case.

differential manuals
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Meritor Genuine OEM Gear Sets

Part # Model Ratio Available in All Fit Partners Program
A39888-5 RR23160 430 YES YES
B41278-1 RD20145 433 YES YES
B41280-1 RR20145 463 YES YES
B41282-1 RD20145 488 YES YES
B41284-1F529 RD20145 529 YES YES
B41512-1 RD20145 358 YES YES
B41514-1 RD20145 488 YES YES
B41678-1 RD20145 390 YES YES
B41680-1 RD20145 411 YES YES
B41684-1 RR20145 390 YES YES
B41686-1 RR20145 411 YES NO
A41272-1 RR20145 513 YES NO
A41304-1 RR20145 557 YES NO
A41458-1 RR20145 614 YES NO
A41460-1 RR20145 643 YES NO
A41468-1 RD20145 614 YES NO
B41268-1 RR20145 463 YES NO
B41274-1 RR20145 529 YES NO
B41456-1 RR20145 586 YES NO
B41466-1 RD20145 586 YES NO
A39498-3 RS15120 614 NO YES
B41266-1 RR20145 433 NO YES
B41270-1 RR20145 488 NO YES
B41500-1 RR20145 373 NO YES
A39666-1 RD/RP23160 538 NO NO
A42202-1F336 MD20143 336 NO NO
A42202-1R336 MR20143 336 NO NO
A42201-1F355 MD20143 355 NO NO
A42204-1R355 MD20143 355 NO NO
A42204-1F355 MD20143 355 NO NO
A42204-1R355 MR20143 355 NO NO
A43752-1F342 MD20143 342 NO NO
A43752-1R342 MR20143 342 NO NO
B43498-1F247 MD20143 247 NO NO
B43498-1R247 MR20143 247 NO NO
B43500-1F264 MD20143 264 NO NO
B43500-1R264 MR20143 264 NO NO