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Rebuilt Isuzu Differentials

Offering the full line of new, used and rebuilt Isuzu differentials on the market today.

Rebuilt Isuzu DifferentialsWe also stock rebuild and bearing kits, ring and pinion sets, seals and any other part you might need. We can remove, rebuild or repair Isuzu Differentials on site in our state of the art facility or ship your differential Worldwide. Our department stocks every part you could ever need along with hard to find parts and out of production items. We can locate any part for any Isuzu differential ever made. To view our new, used and rebuilt Isuzu differentials for sale visit our For Sale section. If you don’t find the model you need, contact us and we can locate it for you.

Let Pro Gear and Transmission Inc. be your one stop gear shop for any and all your differential or transmission needs, call 877-776-4600 or 407-872-1901.

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Rebuilt Isuzu Differentials
Model Year Ratio
FRR 1992 Various
FSR 1984 Various
FSS 1989 Various
FTR 1984 Various
FTS 1984 Various
FVD 1996 Various
FVL 2000 Various
FVM 1988 Various
FVR 1984 Various
FVY23 2000 3.909 & 5.857
FVZ 1988 Various
GVD23 2000 4.3
GVR23 2000 4.3
JCR 1979 Single & 2 Speed
JCS 4WD 1983 5.57 & 6.5
LT11P Bus  – 6.143 & 6.5
NPR 1985 Various
NKR 1985 Various
NPS 4WD 1992 5.1, 5.5 & 6.1
NQR 1998 4.3, 4.5 & 5.1
SBR 1976 Various
SCR480 1983 5.857
TLD 1973 Various
TSD45 1981 6.5
TWD25 6WD 1981 6.5
KT 1980 Various

Rebuilt Isuzu Differentials
Model Series Ratio
RO36 Rear Rear/Single 3.7
RO36 Rear Rear/Single 3.9
RO36 Rear Rear/Single 4.1
RO36 Rear Rear/Single 4.3
RO36 Rear Rear/Single 4.56
RO36 Rear Rear/Single 4.78
RO36 Rear Rear/Single 5.13
RO36 Rear Rear/Single 5.36
RO36 Rear Rear/Single 5.38
RO36 Rear Rear/Single 5.57
RO36 Rear Rear/Single 5.71
RO36 Rear Rear/Single 5.83
RO36 Rear Rear/Single 5.86
RO36 Rear Rear/Single 6.14
RO36 Rear Rear/Single 7.17
RO40 Rear Rear/Single 5.38
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